Bayside Harley-Davidson

Bayside Harley-Davidson, an organization that delivers the Harley-Davidson experience to Hampton Roads. Waterside District respects the motorists and works directly with Bayside to host and co-host a series of events throughout the calendar year to show their support for the organization and its bikers.

  1. Battle Ship

    1. Memorial Day Weekend

    Over Memorial Day Weekend, Waterside District hosts hundreds of motorcyclists to take a ride to remember our fallen soldiers for Hampton Roads Vet Fest, to show our support for all branches of the military, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. This event was created in partnership with End 22, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the 20-22 Vets and 1 Active Duty member we lose per day to the Hidden Wounds of War.
  2. Veteran's Day Cake

    2. Veteran's Day

    For Veterans Day, Bayside Harley-Davidson and Waterside District collaborate on an Armistice Day Run, where bikers will start at Waterside District, ride throughout Hampton Roads and its seven cities, and end at Waterside District for a Veterans Day celebration.
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