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Join us for a uniquely entertaining holiday extravaganza!

Two dining sessions: 5pm- 7pm // 7:30pm-9:30 pm

In both sessions, our entire staff, from the hosts and servers to the managers and cooks, will embrace their inner Grinch for an unforgettable dining experience. Our chefs, Chef P and Chef Stephon, have engaged in lively discussions with the Grinch himself to craft atruly remarkable menu. The Grinch's peculiar request for more onions has inspired a culinary masterpiece that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. Get ready for a delectable three-course experience featuring an array of appetizers, enticing entrees, and a sweet dessert that will leave you in a state of bliss. The melding of flavors and innovation in every dish is set to make your dining experience unforgettable!

First session is open to families.

During the first dinner session, you can expect some playful and light-hearted rudeness to add a touch of whimsy to your evening. Seating is limited so be prepared for community seating, we will ensure your entire party is sat together! However, please be aware that this event may not be suitable for those with a sensitive disposition. If you're up for a memorable evening filled with delicious food and a dash of Grinchy charm, we can't wait to welcome you! 

For those dining kids, the Grinch has even provided a special lesson on how to interact with our little "Whos." Please rest assured that this event is all in good fun, and our primary goal is to ensure everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time. No one should leave with hurt feelings; it's all about creating a playful and festive atmosphere that's perfect for the holiday season.

Second dinner session is for adults only (Must be 21+).

Our staff will be warmed up and ready to be extra Grinchy, making it a more spirited experience for those who want to fully embrace the Grinch's mischievous spirit. Including in this dinner is TWO SIGNATURE COCKTAILS as well as a delicious dinner!

Our event is curated for everyone with a sense of humor who's ready for a uniquely entertaining dining experience. Our servers have received special training from the Grinch himself, which may involve some light-hearted cussing and playful insults.

Just as the Grinch's heart grows two sizes, we invite all our guests to participate in the joy of the season and help our staff's hearts grow as well. This event is not just about playful rudeness and humor; it's about coming together to spread holiday cheer and create heartwarming memories. Let's all share in the spirit of giving, kindness, and merriment to make this an unforgettable evening for everyone!